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Maple Town Episode List (North America)

Maple Town was exported to many other countries throughout the world in 1987 and translated into a number of languages for foreign viewers.

When it came to the United States of America, all 52 episodes were not broadcast in the United States market.  My research shows that a run of 65 episodes were planned but this was not done.  (On another note, since Maple Town only contained 52 episodes, this implies they may have planned to dub some of the episodes from its sequel series, Palm Town, to add onto this planned 65-episode run.  But this is only speculation on my part.)  The reasons for this and why its sequel Palm Town never made it to this side of the Atlantic Ocean is unknown (but that's another blog post).

Select episodes ran in barter syndication sometime in 1987.  More episodes started airing on children's cable channel Nickelodeon until it was pulled from their lineup around April 2, 1993.

The following are the English titles of episodes that broadcast in the USA and possibly Canada.  I don't have full information on which episodes ran nor do I have their exact airdate; I can only speculate from my research that these aired originally in 1987 and 1988 in both syndication and on Nickelodeon.

1. Welcome to Maple Town!

2.  The Stolen Necklace

3.  Box Go Boom (Alternate title may be "The Silver Spoons")

4. The Greatest Treasure of All

5.  The Pot That Wouldn't Hold Water

6.  Medicine from Maple Mountain

7.  The Children's Forest Patrol

8.  The Ransom of Maple Forest

9.  A Most Unlikely Heroine

10.  The Prettiest Dress In Maple Town

11.  The House Made of Love

12.  Teacher, Please Don't Go!

13.  The Letter That Saved Mayor Dandy Lion (Alternate title may be "Letters of Love")

14.  Father Still Knows Best (Alternate title may be "A Lesson from Father")

15.  A Baby Comes to Maple Town

16.  The Spirit of Twin Peaks

17.  When Children Must Be Grownups

18.  A Love Letter to Miss Deer (Alternate title may be "Love Letter Mix-Up")

19.  The Beaver Family's Swimming Hole (Alternate title may be "The Beaver Family Pool")

20.  The Maple Town Children's Newspaper (Alternate title may be "The Maple Town Newspaper")

21.  The Mystery Man of Maple Town

22.  The Case of the Missing Candy

23.  The Forgotten Dream (Alternate title may be "A Long Forgotten Dream")

24.  Friends of Maple Town

25.  Angels of the Valley

26.  The Witch's Castle (Alternate title maybe "The Old Witch's Castle")

27.  High Tide

28.  The Ghost Piano

29.  Panic in the Hospital

30.  Unfortunate Predictions

31.  A Maple Town Wedding

32.  Rotten Fruit

If anyone has more information about episodes that aired in the USA or Canada, feel free to comment here or contact me at mapletown(at)gmx(dot)com.

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