Saturday, June 9, 2018

Links and Further Reading

I would like to share with you the links and resources I used to help in putting together this blog.  These are also worth checking out for more information about Maple Town.

Maple Town's entry on Wikipedia

Maple Town's entry on IMDB

Maple Town's official entry on Toei Animation - This is in Japanese.

Maple Town on the Big Cartoon Database

Maple Town Wiki - A wiki for Maple Town; a very handy reference I used for my research.

Maple Town Story Forums - A forum powered by ProBoards about Maple Town, Palm Town and anything related to it.  As of early 2017, there's not much activity going on but it is handy for tidbits of information.  I plan to cite info from here when I can.  Anyone browsing this blog/compendium should check the board out and maybe give it life again.

Maple Town Page on Tripod - This page was very handy and was what jogged my memory about this anime series.  While it's a goldmine of information, it seems to be dead.  It doesn't seem to be updated and there's no way to contact anyone who maintains the page.

This post will be updated regularly as I learn more information.

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